There are 2 tracks available in our Fellowship program, each with separate application processes (please see the Apply section for details).

Applied Clinical Informatics 2-Year Track

The Applied Clinical Informatics 2-year Track is open to applicants from any clinical specialty. There are four components of the curriculum: didactic education, informatics practicum, innovation scholarly project, and clinical care. Participants acquire the knowledge and skills to begin successful careers dedicated to analyzing, designing, implementing, optimizing, and evaluating information and communication systems that enhance individual and population health outcomes, improve health care delivery, and strengthen the clinician-patient relationship. Graduates will be prepared to lead health information technology strategy and implementation projects, advance the field’s knowledge base, and train the next generation.

Didactic education Participants will obtain fundamental knowledge and understanding of the following core content areas: informatics fundamentals, clinical decision-making and care process improvement, health information systems, and leadership and management of change.
Didactic sessions will be provided through a Clinical Informatics lecture series from experts at the Mass General Brigham.
– In addition, Applied Clinical Informatics Track fellows will have the opportunity to earn a Master’s degree from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (HSPH), Harvard Department of Biomedical Informatics (DBMI), or another approved graduate degree program. Importantly, the participant must be accepted and successfully complete the degree program in additional to this training program. Graduate degree fees will be covered by the fellowship program.
Informatics practicum A significant focus of the fellowship will be working on a real clinical information system project under the supervision of fellowship faculty with the aim of gaining the knowledge and skills to independently lead clinical systems implementation projects.
Innovation scholarly project Participants will complete an innovative scholarly project such as a systematic review, case report, or original research project. The project should be suitable for publication in the clinical informatics literature.
Clinical care Participants will work as attending physicians in their clinical specialty at a Mass General Brigham affiliated site to maintain clinical skills, to use current clinical information systems, and to gain respect of colleagues.

Blended Pathology Informatics 1+1 Year Track

The Blended Pathology Informatics 1+1 Year Track is only open to Pathologists pursuing a Clinical Informatics fellowship in addition to another Pathology fellowship (see the Apply page for details). There are six components of the Blended Pathology Informatics curriculum: three that are common for all Clinical Informatics fellows (didactic education, seminars, national meetings) and three that are configured to the interests and career goals of the individual Pathology fellow (clinical rotations, research and development, industrial liaison, and the freedom to spend a limited amount of time in a diagnostic specialty of the fellow’s choice). Blended Pathology Informatics fellows are unable to complete the Master’s degree due to the accelerated nature of the Blended Pathology Informatics track.

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